Yvette Wroby is currently writing regular pieces for The Footy Almanac website
and will be a contributor to the 2013 Edition

The 100 sporting events you must see live

A wake at the kennel

Listening to your inner Scotty

Springsteen and I

Lost Dog

We won the toss

Meeting of hearts and minds

Small wonders

The boys are back in town

Dear St.Kilda

A day to remember

Together we stand

The very best things

Oh, sister, you are giving me heaps

Oh brother, the Saints are gone-eth and soon-est it will be thou or Part 4

Oh brother, thoust see-est some victories or Part 3

Oh brother, thou art here Part 2

Oh brother, thou art here Part 1

My "Reframing" guide and the Saints rebuilding moments

We were dacked

Beware of Tigers and Wonderful Obsessions

My mother warned me not to stare into the Suns

Fluffy's heavenly afternoon

Be in good health

Please keep your clothes on

Marathon off season of footy

And a happy Almanac Grand Final to you and yours

Two elephants in the room - The St.Kilda Best and Fairest

Saints sucked but Blues sucked way more

Joining the delusion

There's a party and we're not invited

To be or not to be (in the finals)

Some reflections of a tragic

Kicking the Dog

Fluffy goes to puppy heaven

Walking that fine line


Loose men everywhere

It didn't rain ...  a positive take on the weekend our team lost ...

Something special

Almanackers do Tassie while Tigers do St. Kilda

A heart full of Lenny and heart beats for Farren

Excuse me, but there's this blip

Dare to dream, again ....

What's in a name

Ross who?

The shots are fired above the bow.

There’s life, and then there is football

Be the future

What makes a good game ...?

Hot and hotter and everybody wins

First Dog on the Moon exhibition

Is having a 20/20 team the real question?

Who gets the football team?

My Uncle Bob

Dawn and those mad Sainters

Scott Watters as the new messiah

Happy Cats and Cheshire grins

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

It's all over, including the shouting

Peter Ferrier art show review

We don't have the Blues this morning

Footy pictures by Jim Pavlidis and friends

No expectations

A wedding

More pillaging please

The Vikings are coming, the Vikings are coming ....

Oh when the saints

Fast and furious life and football

Sandringham gets done

The hard work of creativity

"Just" ends up being good enough

We won ...

The very many things I learned or
“Were you watching and learning from the Clinic Geelong put on tonight?”

The slow journey from hope to joy

Other than football

Winning and losing at the same time

Saints vs Demons and the end of the world Mark 2


The Monday night lament
(sung to the tune of Where Have All The Flowers Gone)

The five stages of death and dying

Half watched

We're in the dark


Before and after

You're in the mix

Grand final week

The healing power of song and love

Prayers not answered for the Saints

This is it

Everyone is being nice

Nervous anticipation

Our 2010 Preliminary final

Collingwood vs Geelong Preliminary final massacre

That's what he's walking about

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